Lake Geneva’s Slice of Heaven


I found this amazing gem one afternoon while shopping with one of my best friends. He has a house in Lake Geneva, WI. After leaving a very long and strenuous day of shopping, he said that we should stop at this little restaurant he was in love with. I imagined a pub to be completely honest. We pull up, right on the lake, to this beautiful yet small cafe looking place. I walked inside and was in awe. It was a cozy place, with different decor than usual. The chairs are mismatched with different coverings. The tables are small iron with a cloth and glass top. The walls are lined with different wines. (I love wine, just saying.) I basically walked into my version of heaven. Then I have a seat, order my wine flight pictured above and it hits me… I finally took a moment to realize the picturesque view that was in front of me. The sun was setting over this beautiful lake. I instantly knew why my friend brought me here, and I fell in love myself.


My love is Barrique Wine Bar. I sat there for an hour, eating bites of my margarita flat bread and wine flight in almost silence. I sat watching the beautiful changes of the sun, the grass, the sky. He sat across from me, watching me experience this site for the first time. I never thought I could be so content with something so simple. So enamored by the amazing wine and peace and quiet of the day turning into night. My mind cleared, my nerves calmed.. and I just was. Whenever I think of one of my favorite place, (trust me I have travelled you will see,) this is one of the first places that come to mind. It’s a hidden gem that I will share with you. Stroll on in, order some phenomenal wine, and take in the beautiful view of the lake. Enjoy the peace and quiet, clear you mind, just be. Barrique, you have brought me so much peace and quiet, thank you for the beautiful little wine bar you are.

xx- Jessica

(Don’t mind my hair it was a bit windy and I shopped all day 😉

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