Heaven or Hell in a Dress??


I will be the first to admit this dress is a more than a few months old. Who doesn’t love “vintage” pieces? It is no where near vintage as I choose my handbags and long lasting items. I say that with fun. It’s a fun dress. I may not be able to wear this often. Hell, (haha,) it has crosses on it. Yet, I am completely obsessed with this garment. It may only be from a small website. It is a limited edition dress, yet I am enamored with it and all it’s beauty.

I’ve worn it all of 2 times in 4 years. I have never received a negative response from this beauty. I get a, “Am I going to heaven or hell?” Also a, “Do you believe in God, I just showed up.” (funny… no.)

Point being, I do not care either way. This dress makes me feel good about me. It’s my style. I’m a bit off the beaten path. I do not follow the rules. I often wear things, that at the time, seem “crazy,” yet a few months or years later I’m ahead of the fashion curve. I now see everyone wearing something similar in a style piece. I have 0 issue.

If it makes you feel good. Happy. Positive about yourself… wear it. Do it. Live it. Love it. I was told I was insane buying this dress 4 years ago. I said F that and bought it anyhow. I LOVED it. I danced all night the 2nd time I wore it. It reignited my passion for dancing.

Do what you love. Be who you are. Live your life, your passion. Be true.. the rest with follow.

With love and respect,

XX- Jessica

Angel above- Demon below?


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