Nexxus Vs. Nexxus


So I have 2 separate product reviews to do. I am going to start with my favorite first. ❤

*Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner*

  • Pros- I am of Italian, Hispanic, and Irish decent. I thought that this would be super oily on my hair. I have found, in the past, that most hydrating products were making my hair look greasy and weighed my hair down. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did not do any of the above. My hair came out full of life! It did. not have broken ends, my hair stood the test of time. It was bouncy when curled. My mane was straight as can be when flat ironed. Zero damage. I must say, I was highly impressed with this product. I think it was one of the best I have used with the Nexxus Bands in years.
  • Cons- Only one thing, the price. I feel amazing hair care should be affordable for all.


*Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner*

  • EB80A441-A137-449E-93B3-85B567EB4FED

Pros- Not many. It did hold my color, which is red currently, longer than expected. I was indifferent to the smell. I thought it could have been better.

  • Fun Fact: Red is the HARDEST color to hold in hair that is colored and not natural
  • Cons- It was extremely think. Not in a good way where my hair felt better after a deep conditioning mask. It was more like my scalp felt heavy and as if I had 9 days of product built up. It was flaky as well.


— Final Thought- I would definitely buy the Nexxus Therappe and Humectress over the Color Assure. The Color Assure was filled with ingredients that clogged my hair glands and pores. Nexxus has a solid product, just check which works for you better.

XX- Jessica

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