Mondays are for Masks

Forever ago I got myself into face masks. They are amazing for your skin. Some hydrate, some firm, some clean out pores. When I started my new Instagram I noticed a lot of people do 30 day Mask Challenges. While I may not have 30 currently, I have quite a few. I’ll be reviewing my favorites on here. I’m really hoping I find a few I can use constantly. All of my face masks, sheets and clay, are from Miss A. Check out the site, it’s a great price to try new masks. Below are the goodies I will be experimenting with. 😉


A20 Face Masks
– Brightening
– Pore Control
– Anti Aging
– Oil Control
DABO Face Masks
– Hyaluronic Acid
– White Pearl
– Collagen
– Multi Vitamin
Esfolio Essence Masks
– Volcanic Ash
– Egg Sheet
– Milk Sheet
– Pearl Sheet

Celavi Vitamin C Mask
Shelim Coconut Mask
Aichun Beauty Black Mask (mud)
Do Beauty Black Mask (mud)
Dear She Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask


XX- Jessica

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