The Good, The Yes and Oh Hell No!

The Good 
DABO Hyaluronic Sheet Mask


Allegedly: Hyaluronic Acid: it revitalizes skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and, glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Additionally, this Sheet mask has avocado extract. Avocados are great for skin care because of fatty oils that moisture and plump your skin as well.

Review: I must admit, I was shockingly impressed with this mask. Beyond belief. At first it left a cool and clean feeling on my face. Nothing sticky, nor a heavy residue. When I awoke in the morning my skin was not oily at all. Not a drop. My face was taunt and firm. I did not look like I just woke up. Instead I looked as if I just have work done, in a very good way. My skin was brighter. It was plump. Completely hydrated. I looked younger. I was taken back by the wonders of this mask. To date, it’s probably my favorite I’ve ever tried. No bullshit. (In 15+ years, and many facials, that says a lot.) I ordered 17 more the next morning because I saw the results of this mask immediately. It exceeded, above and beyond, its expectations. Have some faith and buy this mask. I swear you will love the results.

The Yes
A2O Brightening Mask


Allegedly: Niacinamide increases protein and collagen synthesis. It also soothes and moisturizes skin by strengthening the skin barrier, Eco Friendly. Dermatologist tested. Cruelty Free. Active ingredient : Vitamin B for whitening,

Review: It was close to a toss up between this mask and the one posted above. I had to choose this as the second because my skin felt a bit better with the first. There was a difference I must add. When I woke up, after leaving the serum on during my sleep, I did in fact wake up with brighter skin. I have a red mark on my chin from acne and it was very much diminished. In all my years of using cleansers, facial products, acne creams, this hands down worked the best. My face was also taunt. It felt new. I had 0, I repeat… ZERO oil. It was amazing. I was able to wash my face and go about my day. I would seriously recommend this to anyone with oily or acne prone skin. I did not have a breakout at all. I was surprised by this mask and I will be using it again.

The Oh Hell No
A2O Oil Control


Allegedly: Relieves problem prone skin from excess oil- cleans the skin’s pores and assists in preventing future breakouts. Eco Friendly, Dermatologist tested, cruelty free. Main ingredients : 5 Herbal Complex??

Review: I’m not even going to sugar coat this at all. It was horrible. I have oil prone skin. I thought this was going to be my saving grace of sheet masks. Boy was I wrong. It was the worst one I have used to date. It was super sticky after removal. I woke up with more oil on my skin than a long night of drinking, I could have not washed my face for 24hrs and my skin would have still felt better. I am so disappointed in the mask, I cannot review further. Everyone’s face is different, but in my opinion, I would not use this to decrease oil production as it certainly did not work for me. I wish I could review better, but I am honest.


XX, Jessica

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