Cambria Hotel Staycation

Who doesn’t need a staycation every once and awhile? I know I certainly do. After undergoing 2 surgeries I desperately needed some down time. I came across this wonderful hotel in the loop in Chicago. The Cambria I booked off for a truly amazing price. Shhh… look it up you will be surprised. It’s convient to get to with the train meer blocks away. I got off the blue line, walked to the hotel, strutted through the door into a phenomenal lobby. It had a 1950’s vibe with an elegant elevator car with a sign that lights up, “This Car Up.”

  • IMG_9944

I immediately fell in lust with this place and I hadn’t even walked into my room yet. You then take the lift up to the main floor which is where you check in and there is a lovely little bar. The staff was extremely friendly. I like that you have to sign all guests into your room if they want to have access without you going downstairs to get them. It was refreshing the level of privacy they hold their hotel to. It was what I needed, peace and quiet. No random people knocking on your door as the lift is key card access to your floor.

After checking in, and given a very delicious complementary beverage, I headed off to my room. I opened the door to be very pleasantly surprised. It was clean and chic design, all with a comfy feeling. I knew this was exactly what I needed for my weekend away. The backdrop of the bed is a map of Chicago which is exquisite all on it’s own. The plush white pillows and bedding were like laying in a cloud. I loved the “Hello” throw pillow on the bed. It was like a hug walking into that.


Lamps align each side of the bed. There is a regular plug and USB access below the lamp for an easy phone plug in. One side has a great desk overlooking the window with a look bench nook to sit and read or write. The is a 50’ TV in front of the bed built into the wall, which was great for my relaxation. There is a hall with huge closet space on the right, cherry colored wood with lux finishes. A floor length mirror was a definite plus.


The bathroom was beyond. A stand alone shower with a glass wall. No doors to slide or close. Just walk in, turn on the waterfall head, and relax underneath it. Then grab your towel and step out. For a design geek like myself it was amazing. The mirror has bluetooth so you can listen to your music while in the bathroom showering, doing your makeup etc. The light adjusts to multiple settings, perfect for that going out to dinner primping. (I now want one of these) They lay out an ice chiller with glasses for water, or in my case, wine.


I decided to go check out the bar area on the lobby floor. It has a simple design. A fireplace with couches. Small tables or big comfy leather booths in the back. I choose to sit at the bar. I was impressed with their beverage list. I sat down and had a cheese board and a glass or 3 of Rosé. It wasn’t packed with a million drunk 19 year olds which was a welcome for me. It was just the right amount of people there. I enjoyed my myself greatly and was not bothered by random people. The atmosphere was idyllic.


I spent 2 nights there. I did a bit of walking around. Tourist in my own city, really enjoying everything downtown had to offer. I had some amazing dinners. A river walk. Went to a few wine bars to enjoy a glass of Cabernet. I then returned to my room and was just able to relax in total peace and quiet. It was 100% what I needed. I really love this hotel. I have stayed at plenty in Chicago and other cities as well. I really hope I get to stay here again to give my mind, body, and soul, a bit of peace and serenity .

xoxo- Jessica

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